What makes Northeastern alumni unique? We believe it’s the core instinct to solve the problems of tomorrow. Our strong network of more than 245,000 alumni living across 164 countries around the world are connected to Northeastern through a common thread: the spirit of agility, innovation and giving back.

Northeastern alumni are a diverse group of experts – from new entrepreneurs, to leaders in multinational organizations, to innovators of cutting-edge research and technologies, and professionals paving the path toward the pinnacle of their fields.

Alumni stay connected with the university in many different ways: career-focused programming, lifelong learning opportunities, various social and educational events, or our 39 global communities stretching from Boston to Panama, Istanbul, and Beijing. They serve as employers and mentors to our current students, guest lecturers, advisors and volunteers.

Our diverse network is continuing to grow, and wherever you are, whenever you graduated, whatever you studied – once a Husky, always a Husky!

Learn more about how you can get, and stay, involved with the Northeastern community. Visit the Office of Alumni Relations at to connect with us today!

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